Several fucks to give

Sabine Engström

A documentary about open relationships with Sabine Engström

Sabine is living in an open relationship with her boyfriend. Having the possibility to find attraction for others can be fun, sexy and free. But being polyamorous also requires lots of communication, honesty and the need of handling one's emotions, not to get flooded by jealousy. Follow the couple in their everyday life to see if they can make a polyamorous relationship work.


Matti Johansson, Director & Editor

Nils Ringmar, Executive Producer

Per Björklund, DP

Jonatan Elisson, Creative

Svea Sigmond, Content Editor

Julia Lindblom, Editor

Nille S. Lindqvist, Graphic Design

Didrik Persson, Grade

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The history of love

Kalle Norwald

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Vagel Studios presents a chat with Sexologist Kalle Norwald, about why we have lived monogamously throughout history and how different relationship forms can look like in the future. Kalle Norwald is a Socionom and authorized Sexologist.

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Behind the scenes


In this new documentary series from Vagel Studios you will see contemporary and controversial aspects of our society, through the lens of people that have to surpass though challenges to make their unusual ideas into reality.

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Several fucks to give

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