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In this new documentary series from Vagel Studios you will see contemporary and controversial aspects of our society, through the lens of people that have to surpass though challenges to make their unusual ideas into reality.

Is Facebook the new American Psycho?

A documentary about data integrity

Please, just laugh in my face

A documentary about switching career

Several fucks to give

A documentary about open relationships

Cannabis changed my life

A documentary about medical cannabis

The new society

Rikard Molander

What exactly does the expert say about the subject? Explore each Expert talk and get inspired on Vagel Studios IGTV.

Vagel Studios presents a chat with Future Analyst Rikard Molander, about how our new society will be a place where our ideas and thoughts will be the most valuable resources. Rikard Molander is a Future Analyst from Future Analyze firm Kairos Future. He’s specialized in labor market and education in Sweden and worldwide.

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