Is Facebook the new 
American Psycho?

Tove Andersson

A documentary about data integrity with Tove Andersson

Tove works with blockchain and writes educating bylines about digitalization in Dagens Industri. She’s a believer of a digital future, but is also worried about how our personal data is being harassed by corporate tech giants all over the internet. Follow Tove when she accuses Facebook for being the new American Psycho.


Matti Johansson, Director & Editor

Nils Ringmar, Executive Producer

Julia Strandell, DP

Moa Forsberg, BTS-camera

Nille S. Lindqvist, Graphic Design

Theodor Lundqvist, Grade

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Looking into the surveillance state China

Charlotte Svensson

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Vagel Studios presents a look into the digital surveillance state China with China expert Charlotte Svensson. Charlotte Svensson is a China expert from The Swedish Institute of International Affairs. She’s specialized in digitalization, democracy issues and media ideology related to Asian countries.

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